Anton Kulina
Art direction & Design

I am a graphic designer with over 5 years experience managing the design process. During the period of my career, I thought through the design of various projects and received a dozen awards. My graphic experience led me to create a design strategy and graphic map based on brand awareness and user experience. Since 2017, I have overseen the design of several brands, managed each project during product development, creating an individual design for each of them.

All my experience shows that in addition to the acquired skills in graphic and social areas that are necessary for work, I have the main quality that a person should have when mastering something new - the ability to think outside the box and adapt their experience and work system from already developed areas.

I consider my cooperation both long-term and in the form of design work. Depending on the amount of work required, I am ready to work in the office with the team or remotely. But, as practice shows, this is usually combined. The best concentration occurs during remote work, and meetings in the office allow you to parse questions of interest and make the appropriate edits.
Customers: SAS, Medical-Note, Realweb, Sherpahier, Belavia, Polandishere, Together, Evix и т.д

Publications: Designspiration, Design made in Belarus, Design made in Poland, Behance App Design Served x 2,
Branding and identity book, 12 Interactions, Splashnology Design, Thedesigninspiration.© 2019
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